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We provide educational toys and books for age group 1.6 yrs to 7 yrs. We have the latest collection and wide range of toys like wooden, educational, games and puzzles. We promise to cater specialized educational aids for interview training of the child.

The word toy comes from a latin word LUDUS which means toys or games. The term toy library would be comparable to libraries or newspapers. The simple difference that instead save or keep books, newspapers or periodicals, retain or keep toys and games.

Toy libraries are different from books libraries, it is specially planned for the children to play and have fun without silence. Games and books are always loved by children, while keeping their choice in mind, we make preferences and deliver the best to the children.

Vocabulary Skills: it’s a glue that hold stories, ideas and content together making comprehension accessible for children. A person’s vocabulary is the set of words within a language that are familiar to that person. It usually develops with age and serves as usual fundamental tool for conversation and knowledge.

Motor Skills: it is a learned ability to cause a pre-determined movement outcome with maximum certainty. It’s an ability to perform a skill as a result of practice or experience.

Cognitive Skills: it can be termed as referring to an individual’s ability to process to thoughts that performs various mental activities most closely, associated with leaning and problem solving.

Toddler Town is a one-stop rental store for your child’s need. Every trait we have in us is an extension of what we have learnt, understood and dealt with in our childhood. These experiences has overall effects on our complete well-being. Children are like sponges that soaks all the information in this advance world. They spend huge amount of time with toys which helps in their mental and physical growth that adds spark to their personality.

The firm TODDLER TOWN TOY LIBRARY was founded by Mrs. Sabeena Memon and Mrs. Trupti Panchal. The idea behind the foundation was to provide skillful toys to enhance the ability of the children that will help them to clear school interviews.


  • Enhance child’s motor, language and cognitive skills
  • Encourage learning in a playful way
  • Enhance brain development rather brain storming

    We keep toys of all major brands which includes funskool, smart, frank, creative, clever cubes, Disney, plan toys, classic world toys, hape etc. We do have personalised toys designed by our expert team depending on the interview structure of every school.


  • We focus on product hygiene and quality.
  • We use expert knowledge to design our toys.
  • We provide toys as per child’s ability and weakness to improve the productivity of the child.
  • We design the child’s courseware as per the interview requirement.
  • We have a personal branding over our major toys which is unavailable in the market.
  • Hygeine

    Hygiene is the most important thing we take care in our library for our toys and books. Toddler town takes pride in keeping all our toys, games and books in clean, hygienic and spic-and-span conditions, considering the health and safety of your little ones.

    All our toys are delivered in good quality pouches. We use toy sanitizer to clean the toys and books. After cleaning we put them in pouches and keep it ready to deliver it to you.